Amazing Race

I had fun doing the amazing race because we got out of class to have some fun. the hardest things were when you were at one side of the school and you had to run to the other side and then back to the other side. my team work was good because we stuck together. we didn’t do that well because we were a bit slow getting around!

my illusion

on an ipad put a piece of paper on half a yellow circle and stare at the x in the middle for 30 seconds and then take the piece of paper away and the side you didnt put the paper on will be darker and the side the paper was on will be the bright yellow.


today i learnt about copyright that it is bad to copyright because if you copyrighted everything there would be no bands because everyone would be no bands and they would be making no money so they would be poor and would have to have to sell there instruments

Bali name

my bali name would be wayan i am the 5th child in my family. if i was from the minangkabau community life would be different because you would have to get permission off your mum for everything and your uncle would be in charge of you